Which city of Morocco does one associate the "Red City"? Marrakech?

Win! The "Pearl of the South", another nickname, is the fourth largest city in this country. Morocco derives its name from this city, which was once the name used in the East to evoke the whole country. According to the interpretations, Marrakesh would mean in Berber language "country of god" or "land of course". Founded in 1062 or 1070, Marrakech is at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.


It is the largest of the four Moroccan imperial cities. Like many North African cities, the old city, the famous medina, surrounded by twenty kilometers of ramparts, and the modern city coexist on a space that extends over 230 square kilometers.


Marrakech has more than one million inhabitants. Its medina is the most populated of North Africa. As the old city of Marrakech is made up of an architecture as rich as it is diverse, UNESCO declared it world heritage of humanity in 1985. The tourist place par excellence of this medieval eastern city is the famous place Jamaâ el Fna , not far from the Koutoubia mosque. There are places where time seems to be hanging. He takes leave and is absent from the spirits.Riad matins de  Marrakech  is one of these places and its visitors do not fail to confirm it from the first minutes of the stay.


The activities, which take place there and which attract a million tourists a year, are so numerous that they are registered under protection of UNESCO as "intangible cultural heritage of humanity" since 2001. Marrakech, sa Medina, its gardens and modern neighborhoods are visited by about two million tourists a year,


It is the obligatory stage city for all travelers who want to discover the Atlas and the Sahara