Well organize your trip in Egypt: Advice and Inspiration

Egypt is a fascinating country and an incredible travel destination. Rich heritage, exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences await you in the country of the pharaohs. Moreover, the festive atmosphere and the warm welcome of the Egyptians will not leave you indifferent.


If you feel the urge to take the plunge of the incredible Egyptian adventure, we have prepared for you this guide rich in advice to organize your trip to Egypt.



When To Travel in Egypt


The Egyptian territory is immense with a more or less varied climate. In the north, the climate is Mediterranean, however, the further south, it is the dry and Saharan climate that settles with temperatures that can reach 40-50 degrees Celsius in summer.


In general, Egypt is a country that can be visited throughout the year but it is better to favor the relatively cold season (November-April) to travel to the south of Egypt and the hot season (May-October ) to enjoy both coasts, the Mediterranean to the north and the Red Sea to the east of the country.


Housing in Egypt


The hotels: hotels in Egypt, there is something for every budget. They are generally comfortable with the breakfasts included in the price. Many hotels offer tours from one to a few days with affordable prices, but you can still negotiate.


Youth hostels: they are rather recommended for those who travel alone. It allows them to make great encounters. It should be noted that mixed dormitories are forbidden for Arab passport holders.


Homestay: Egyptians are very warm, however, staying in a homestay in Egypt is not a common practice. CouchSurfing exists but is not very common either. However, you can stay with locals for excursions.

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Health and Safety Tips during a Trip To Egypt



Egypt is relatively secure even at night, but that does not stop you from staying on your guard. Pay attention to what you are wearing, try to cover at least the shoulders and knees, and be sure to establish a certain barrier in your relationships especially when it comes to the opposite sex, so as to avoid innuendo.



Do not eat anywhere and do not drink tap water.




-Protect yourself from the sun that may hit hard especially in summer.


-Be sure to drink enough water to avoid any risk of dehydration.


-Do not forget to wear plastic shoes to go in the water (especially at the Red Sea).


-Prepare carefully your travel pharmacy kit.



Shopping and Purchasing of Souvenirs in Egypt


Before any purchase in Egypt, you must know that negotiation is necessary. Also try to get away from the tourist souks.


Egyptian cotton products known for their very good quality is one of the major purchases in Egypt. On the other hand, camel wool carpets and their African style, oriental copper utensils and their traditional touch, not to mention the famous Egyptian blown glass with all its shapes and colors, each product is unique, you will surely hesitate between vases, ashtrays, shades, Arabic lanterns ... Small masterpieces with motifs of pharaohs and palm trees. You can also enjoy to buy paintings of papyrus, jewelry, spices or even a ney or derbouka for music lovers.